Well, I got vertically pinned against some wood on Upper Squaw Creek and swam like a fish. Here I am getting a line on my boat. Boy, that boat sure was stuck tight in there- it took three of us pulling with a rope to get it out! In the trip report on the Farmlands Pete is doing his monster seal launch. Well, the next time he tried that he penciled in, hit bottom, and bent his boat! Here he is stomping it back into shape.. Here we are waiting for that pinned boat to come out of 'The Snake' on Upper Brice Creek. We waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, three days later we went in and hauled it out.. Mark below Parker Falls on Upper Brice. -Hey Mark! Did you lose something in there???- This is one of the logjams on Upper Squaw Creek. Boy, that run sure was fun except for the eleven log portages in seven miles...
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Every paddler has a formative experience some time in their boating career that leaves an indelible impression.
I am interested in including well written stories here from paddlers of all ability levels and persuasions, so if you want to contribute, send me your story!

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