Jon Fowlkes on the way home after a great day of boating in the glorious Pacific Northwest..

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Summer paddlin' on the west coast of the good ol' U.S.A. just can't be beat.. Here's some photos from our summer creekin' season.. Oregon, Washington, road trippin' to California.. A good time was had by all of the crew!

"Ok.. this next part is right down the middle.."
Gabe Flock lines up..
photo by Jon Fowlkes

"I don't know if I'm going to run this.. umm, let's see how Jon does.."
Hang on tight! Jon Fowlkes, doing just fine, thank you very much..

Jon again, putting the ol' Embudo through its paces.. err.. boof'ses..

"Ok, so there's this rock in the landing over there, so you want to stay over on this side.."
Fowlkes again, making it look easy..

Gabe Flock lines up on a big one..
photo by Jon Fowlkes

Which hole was the sticky one again?!?
Gabe Flock, about to answer that question..

Gabe Flock takes flight on the Little White Salmon..
photo by Jason Rackley

A nice place to take a break on a hot day of boating.. Jon Fowlkes relaxes behind Spirit Falls on the Little White Salmon.
photo by Jason Rackley