As paddlers we are constantly pitting our skill against the river's strength. The resulting mayhem is usually funny, sometimes scary, and often memorable.
(Of course, what is scary for some folks is considered to be fun by others.)
So here they are: The Good, The Bad, and the Funny....

All I want for Christmas..

Water, water everywhere.. Every boat has a story..

All dressed up.. Mr. Clean

Nerves of Steel The Ultimate Header

Looking deep into
Double Drop
A Spiritual experience
on the Little White

Free for all Head = Rudder

A Good Line
at Sunset
A Bad line
at Sunset

The Washougal Swim
team's debut performance
The Washougal Swim Team's
Encore Performance

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I publish good whitewater photographs.
If you have one that is funny, scary, or just plain good, go ahead and send it to me at the address shown below.