Every boat has a story..

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Frustration Falls in Oregon's Salmon River Canyon is right in the thick of things. This is the first drop on a three-tiered 55-foot falls, which is followed by a 20-footer, then an 80-footer. All of these falls have been run in a kayak, but the consequences are very high in there, definitely not a place you want to go for a swim. This is about the worst place imaginable to lose a boat, because the hike out is brutal..

Jonathan Ley, an accomplished Pacific Northwest hiker and photographer, recently took this photo on a hike in the Salmon Canyon. I highly recommend visiting Jonathan's site, his photos and stories are quite entertaining (check out Jonathan's 'recent adventures' link, lots of incredible photos in there.. the OSU football page is especially funny.. as an OSU alumni, I can appreciate the humor!)

If this boat could talk, the story it would tell..
A kayak stuck in the logs below the first tier on Frustration Falls on the Oregon Salmon.

A zoomed-out photo of Frustration Falls, the blue line traces the route usually taken in a kayak, and a yellow arrow, showing the location of the yellow kayak in the photo above.