Final Falls, Salmon River Canyon, Oregon ( Paddler: Chris Korbulic )
Deadline Falls, North Umpqua River, Oregon ( Paddler: Alex Templar )
Celestial Falls at flood ( Paddler: James Fredericks, photo by Mark Gamba )
Mariua Falls ( Paddler: Martin Bauer )
Chickenhead Falls ( Paddler: Kevin Veon )
Spirit Falls, Little White Salmon River
Log Choked Falls, Tye River. (Tao photographed by Jock Bradley)
First Falls, Eagle Creek - Columbia Gorge (Paddler: Isaac Priestly)
Lewis Falls (Paddler: Charles Taylor)
Behemoth Falls, Upper Upper Cispus River (Paddler: John Whaley)
Lower North Falls, Silver Creek
Tsunami Falls, Stebbins Creek (Paddler: Dan Coyle, on the 3rd Descent)
The Spout, Tye River (Tao photographed by Jock Bradley)
Steelhead Falls, Upper Deschutes River
Vanorten Falls, Upper North Fork of the Alsea
Big Brother, head on. (Eric Link photographed by Jock Bradley)
A winter run over Big Brother (Paddler: Josh Knapp)
BZ Falls (Paddler: Dave Grove)
Pegleg Falls, Hot Springs Fork of the Collowash (Paddler: Pete Giordano)
Sunset Falls, East Fork of the Lewis River
Twin Falls, Upper Silver Creek
Horseshoe Falls, EF of the Lewis River (Paddler: Pete Giordano)
Upper Eagle Creek Falls
Lower Eagle Creek Falls
Dirty Falls, Silver Creek Oregon
Parker Falls, Upper Brice Creek
The old favorite: Husom Falls, White Salmon River
Running waterfalls is a dangerous business with no margin for error. Landing flat off of even a 10 footer can damage your spine.
If you are unlucky, you could also hit submerged rocks, logs, and / or other unlucky kayakers.
Always probe before you go, and remember :
It takes just as much guts to walk as it does to run.

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