The Streamfinder maps are highly detailed so please be patient if they download slowly.
After a long absence, I finally have enough server space to bring back the Streamfinder! I plan on expanding this eventually because I have a lot of extra room now.. It looks like the Streamfinder is here to stay! Enjoy!
- Jason

The clickable map on the right is divided into regions, each of which has a corresponding link in the toolbar above. When you click on the link in the toolbar or map, a detailed roadmap of the region will be displayed. This roadmap has each river or creek drainage clearly marked. (Note: The blue dots represent drainages and may cover more than one river or creek.)

From there you can select individual creek and river topographical maps that have the put-ins and take-outs clearly marked. Directions are also given to supplement the map graphics.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know!

For example, on the topo map for Stebbins Creek shown on the right, the put in is indicated by a '2' and a little yellow dot.
The take-out is similarly marked, as well as any signifcant gradient. I included shuttle information that corresponds with the numbers.