Ryan on the first known descent of Kenobi Gorge.




Outtakes and Bloopers Didn't make the film..
SOP - Tying a Bowline Key Skills
Clackamas Riverfest at record high flows A classic festival
Kayaking the Ashlu Valley It's almost gone..
An interview with Charlie Munsey One of the pioneers.
Toxic Waters Premiere Weekend Good times!
LWS Celebration Day Celebration!
Vancouver Island Recently discovered.. Vantasy Island!
The Middle Kings An Epic multi-day class V run
Northwest Creeking Competition Good times on Canyon Creek
Sunset Freestyle 2008 Go Big or Go Home
Hoffstadt Creek Small but punchy
Winter Update The winter classics
Working on Plan B,   Chapter 5 More Carnage!
Paddling in Alaska The Great White North
Spring Classics: Eagle Creek An Oregon big-drop bonanza
Jacob Crusers PWN Missions Jacob and crew get after it!
Sullivan Creek: V An Eastern Washington classic
A brief look: No-Name Creek gorge Narrow and intimidating
A brief look: NF Green Point put in Just before we dropped in..
A brief look:Gnargasm Sketchiness
A brief look: Lava Creek Exploratory action
Little White Special ( Ch. 3 ) Can't get enough..
Lower Trout at high water Every man for himself.
Salmon Canyon - 2007 season Big air in 2007..
Brief look at Squaw Creek More wood than..
Drop Sampler Various PNW drops..
Thanksgiving on the Truss: 2 Giving Thanks
Winter Playboating Wintertime fun!
A brief look at Big Brother Big Brother at various flows
A brief look at Spirit and Chaos The one-two punch on the LWS
Northwest Waterfalls, part I Some more obscure falls
Head to Head racing, gorge games White Salmon Racing
NF Payette Upper 10 at 1,800 cfs
Northwest Playboating III The good stuff
Man Made Whitewater Isn't all bad..
Big Green The Green Truss with lots of water
The Upper Wind Another Columbia Gorge Classic
Playboating Idaho 36th St. Wave and Bladder
A Brief Look - Upper Little White High water on the Upper LWS
Big Whitewater - The Dalles Dam The biggest hydraulics in the U.S. ?
Rattlesnake Sessions Riding the snake
Creeking Mix The local sweet spots..
Hamilton Creek, Washington Rarely run Columbia Gorge creek
Canyon Creek, Washington An endangered gem
The Little Klickitat A high water classic
Kayak Polo in Hood River Good times in Hood River
First-ever Sweet Creek Race Sweet!
Northwest Playboating, Part 1 Oregon/Washington
Working on Plan B,   Chapter 4 Carnage!
Rafting the Truss Rubber on the Truss
Buck Creek An exploratory winter adventure
Video Scrapbook, Part II A retrospective mix from recent adventures
SF Clackmas: IV - V An Indiana Jones adventure.
Crooking River: IV+ A high desert classic.
Bill Bowey Tribute Remembering Bill.
Hagen Creek: IV+ A recently discovered instant classic!
Video Scrapbook, Part I A retrospective mix from recent adventures
The Farmlands A gorge classic
Working on Plan B,   Chapter 3 Even more Carnage..
Kenobi First Descent A white-knuckled fistful of big drops..
Ohanepecosh River: V The Clear Fork's pretty sister..
The Clear Fork Cowlitz: V - V+ One of the Crown Jewels.
Callaghan Creek, B.C. Classic B.C. boating
Park-n-huck: Lewis River Falls Classic Northwest Park-n-huck
Keel's first time Running Spirit and Chaos
IKer's on the Truss The River Log Crew on the Truss
Meet the '06 crew The '06 Crew
Eagle Creek, Nate Garr's B-day Garrzilla vs. Eagle
The M Wave Colorado road trip, part 4
Gore Canyon: V Colorado road trip, part 3
Oh Be Joyful Creek: V Colorado road trip, part 2
Lake Creek: V Colorado road trip, part 1
Birthday Creeking Birthday big drops..
Working on Plan B,   Chapter 2 More Carnage..
The Green Truss Extreme Race Go big..   as fast as you can!
Park-n-Huck Celestial Falls Classic Northwest Park-n-Huck.
Gettin' Worked Carnage in the Wicked Hole.
Lacamas Creek: V A new steep creekin' playground.
Upper Icicle: V ( V+ ) Riding the snowmelt on one of the big ones..
A Little White Christmas The best Christmas present ever!
Christmas on Copper Creek Christmas Creekin'
Upper Upper Cispus: V A Washington Classic.
Working on Plan B,   Chapter 1 Carnage..
Meet the crew, part I The 2002-05 Crew.
Salmon River Canyon: V - V+ Going big in Oregon, 5/30/05.
Thanksgiving on the Green Truss Things we are thankful for..
Ravens Fork: V+ Southeast road trip, part 4
Toxaway River: V+ Southeast road trip, part 3
Green Race at high water: V Southeast road trip, part 2
The Narrows of the Green: V Southeast road trip, part 1
Tumalo Creek, Oregon: V Little-known steep creek near Bend, Oregon.
Little White Special ( Ch. 2 ) More good times on the Little White Salmon.
Little White Special ( Ch. 1 ) One of the best steep creeks in the world.
The Jarbridge-Bruneau The classic multi-day desert canyon in Idaho.
Ryan drops Bridal Veil Falls in Oregon.