RSS is a relatively new technology which is being used by news organizations and other web sites that frequently update content. Setting up an RSS feed allows users of the site to be notified of changes on the web site ( new content ), without going to the web site. Usually, this is done via an email client, but RSS is not email, as you will see in a moment.

I have only tested my RSS feed on a standard validator and the Gmail web page. So, if you use some other email client, I can't guarantee that it will work for you.

This is especially true because I wrote the XML RSS file myself, so some aggregators might not like my syntax.
You can set up RSS feeds in a number of different ways. In Gmail, go to SETTINGS > WEB CLIPS.

When you first view your web clips ( aka RSS feeds ), you will see that Google has pre-loaded a bunch of RSS sites for you.

You may wish to delete all of these default pages and add your own unique mix of news topics, as I have done below with my site and Slashdot.

On the right hand side there is a box 'search by topic or url'.

Paste the following in the search box: https://oregonkayaking.net/rss/feed.xml

Gmail will then search for my feed and when it comes up, you can click 'add', as shown below.

Now that you have added my site to your web client, the next time you open your mail, you might see something like this.

Note that at the top of the page, you are automatically notified that I have recently posted the 'Eagle Creek' trip report, along with a timestamp showing how long ago I posted the report.