About the Author
I guess some of you might be curious about the guy behind this page, so I put this together.

I grew up just outside Eugene, Oregon. At the age of seventeen I joined the Army as an Infantryman to see the world. By the time I got out I had been to Japan, Germany, France, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq. I was in the Gulf War, and that experience changed me forever. I learned the hard way that life is fleeting, and we must treasure each and every day we have in this wonderful place.

I'm pretty committed to preserving our environment for future generations, and Oregon Kayaking is part of what that is all about.

One of the things the government looks at when deciding whether or not to allow the building of a dam (or a partial diversion, which is becoming more common) is a record of use. It's a shame that if no one is using a stream for recreation then it is more vulnerable to exploitation, but that's the way it works. My site clearly establishes a record of use for all of these streams, and hopefully that will help preserve them.

One more thing: If you love free-flowing rivers, please join American Whitewater. For a small membership fee you get a subscription to a great paddling magazine, and you will help keep our rivers wild and free!


People are always asking me what kind of camera I use. Well, here it is. The Olympus Stylus Epic Verve, 4.0 megapixel. I keep it in a small Penguin case, and I have never had a problem with it. I also carry along four or five rags in small ziplock bags to dry the camera before I put it back in the case. (I do this because the lens fogs up if I put it away wet.)
The Verve has pretty strong water-resistant seals, and mine has gotten soaked a few times (usually after my boat gets worked for a few minutes in a big hole and the case leaks.)