David Aszman

March 1, 1999 Sandy River, Oregon.

By Jacob Selander

Yesterday a good friend of mine, David Aszman, was involved in a kayaking accident on the Bull Run river outside of Sandy, OR. As far as I know right now, he is missing and presumed drowned.

David was 18, and from what we had talked about, planning on attending college in Eugene in the fall. I recieved a call from his family last night, and right now we are all praying that he is still alive. What I heard from David's brother is that he was playing in a hole, and didn't see a log that was about 100 ft downstream. He capsized, and was flushed into the log. His boating partner at the time, Eric Eekhoff(it was the two of them), managed to get up on the log and attmept to get David off. Not able to remove David, Eric came back later with a chainsaw and was able to remove the log. They found his boat, empty, and his PFD, which was still zipped up, showing no signs of it having been taken off. I haven't heard back from his family yet, but I'm asking everyone in the boating community to pray for him and his family in hopes that David is still alive.

I hate bringing people news like this, it's the kind of stuff that just shouldn't happen. But this is a sport where there is always that element of danger, and sometimes there's nothing we can do about it. I don't want to bring this into everyone's lives, but it must be said.

Please pray for the Aszman family.

There is a story in today's Oregonian about the accident. I'll add in some other details that weren't covered in the article.
Dave and I started kayaking about the same time in June of 1997. I met him over last summer, and paddled with him many, many times. David and I shared the same love for the sport, both in the play aspect, and the downriver aspect. Dave was the kind of paddler who you could tell had just tons of potential waiting to be unleashed, and I was looking forward to competing against him in a few rodeos this spring.
Just two weeks ago were were playing at Bob's hole, sitting in the eddy and joking around, having a great time. But now as I paddle, I'm dedicating it all to Dave.

Dave-- Wherever you are, just know that you'll always live on inside us.
Peace, bro.

--Jacob Selander