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  I'm always looking for links, but I am pretty selective. I usually don't post commercial stuff unless I use it personally, so please don't ask. If you know of some cool non-commercial whitewater/kayaking related sites, send them to me!

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Kayaking- Oregon coast kayak surfing
OREGON SURF FORECAST:     Very accurate, text-based one-week surf forecasts. ( Scroll down to see day-by-day forecasts )
Look for the 'Coastal waters from Cape Shoalwater, Washington to Florence Oregon'. The swell is the magic number.

The NAVY WAM (Wave Analysis Model):     Forecasts waves out 0-6 days ahead. Very useful!
TO USE: Click NORTH PACIFIC, then T012 (for 12 hour forecast),T024 (for 24 hour forecast) ect, all the way out to the six day forecast..

Kayaking- Personal      
Bill Tuthill's California Creekin   Superb!   Good pics and trip reports- THE source for California boating online, esp those looking for IV-V streams.
Bill has highly detailed shuttle and stream descriptions I use for every Cali trip I take...

Boof.com   Brett Valles outstanding site for high-end ( V - V+ ) California Sierra Creeking. Good pics of the major drops on some fun-looking creeks.
Check out Hell's Kitchen on the Stan for example. (looks more like heaven to me!)

Bryan Swan's guide to runnable waterfalls   Bryan has added a really cool page to his site detailing runnable falls in the Northwest. Great stuff!
Cascade Classics Kayaking (Washington State)   Highly Recommended! Great trip reports on lots of Northern Washington stuff I've only read about.
Chris Joose's Big Page O' Stuff  New Washington whitewater site; good photos and writing.
Jonathan Blum's Northwest Whitewater Jonathan Blum's Northwest kayaking site 'Days on the river'. Very cool, broad coverage, great photos!
Jurgen Nickles German Whitewater Many of you met Jurgen on his Kayaking tour through the Northwest in 2001 and 2002.
Nate's Liquid Kayak   High-quality Northwest kayaking site with excellent photos!
Kayaking Videos, local and otherwise      
WHITEWATER VIDEO.COM   These guys have what is most likely the most comprehensive selection of paddling vids anywhere. They always have the newest stuff; check it out!
Kayaking- Magazines      
Kayak Session Magazine   The best commercial whitewater kayaking-only magazine in the world. Absolutely stunning photography!
Paddling, Rafting & Kayaking Magazine - Paddling Life   A sweet new magazine with a great website to match! Check it out!
Kayaking - International Travel      
Sam Drevos eNRG Kayaking     Sam and his team travel the world, kayaking with their clients. eNRG comes highly recommended by friends of mine who have taken eNRG trips to China, for example.
Kayaking - Instructional      
Columbia Gorge Kayaking School     Some of the best paddlers on the west coast run this school, based in the paddling Mecca of Hood River.
Sam Drevos eNRG Kayaking     Sam and his team run one of the best-known kayak schools in the Pacific Northwest.
Kayaking- general      
Mountainbuzz   A popular forum, packed with great beta, pics, and vids.
Phateye   A kayaking portal with flows, pics, and a cool e*phlows utility..
Playak.com   Great page, lots of cool photos of all of the best river surfing places around the world.
Playboating Northwest   A site detailing playspots in the Northwest, lots of pics!
Surf Report   A very useful Oregon Surfing page with lots of wave forecast beta.
Wetdawg   Brand new as of June 2001, Wetdawg has something for everyone who likes to get wet..
Kayaking- Cool International Sites
Birdy's Site   Belgian Kayaking- Lots of content, with a visually interesting layout.
Soulboater   German Kayaking- Text in German but the some of the photos are simply fantastic. There are 9 photo galleries plus trip reports... Check out this gallery as an example. Wow!
Virtual Scouting      
Waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest Outstanding; pics and info on over 1,000 Pacific Northwest falls!
The Terraserver   Really cool; satellite photos of the world; zoom in and find your favorite river!
Topozone   Great resource; topographical maps of the entire United States! Zoom in and count those contour lines!
Blue Sky Rafting Company  This is the rafting company owned by Pete, who is in a lot of the trip reports on this site. Blue Sky offers year round trips on some of Oregons most beautiful rivers at very competitive prices.


Pat Welch's River Levels Page   Pat puts it all together in an easy to use format- this guy deserves a medal!


USGS realtime gauges   The source for all river level info- everything you ever wanted to know about river levels!


Idaho Whitewater  "The Idaho Whitewater Association would like to welcome you to the redesigned Vince’s Idaho Whitewater Page.."
Oregon Kayak & Canoe Club  "Our primary goal is to organize river trips for individuals of different skill levels."
Oregon Rafting  "Whitewater rafting and kayaking in Oregon and our neighbor states is outstanding and we want to provide as much information as we possibly can to help you organize river trips."
Northwest Rafters  A forum and site for Northwest rafters
Utah Rafters  -'A forum where river rats can meet other river rats and coordinate trips.'
Willamette Kayak and Canoe Club (Our local paddling club) some cool trip reports, an active trip schedule, etc...


Note: Oregon Kayaking is a Sponsor-Free Zone. The best way to NEVER get a link or endorsement on this site is to offer me money to put a link or endorsement on this site! I have never, nor will I ever, receive any kind of compensation from any of the companies listed below. If I endorse a product or company it is because I had a good experience with these folks and I use their stuff.
AT Paddles  The best paddles in the world. Period.
Dagger   I've been paddling Dagger boats almost from the beginning; they make good boats and have great customer service.
DragoRossi  Corran's latest venture. We can thank this guy for nearly every meaningful innovation in modern kayaking, so keep an eye on these boats..
Jackson Kayaks   I go creekin' in a Rocker these days, and it's hands-down the best kayak I have ever paddled. Plus, they have no-holes design and bombproof cross-link plastic. Nuff said.
Liquid Logic  I When I started this site these guys didn't exist, but it seems like everyone has at least one LL boat these days.. Good designs!
Prijon   Prijon plastic is indestructable!
Pyranha  Makes good creek boats. I know guys who swear by em'.
Strapworks   Strapworks makes customized straps for boating, by color and with your name sewn on if you want..
Wavesport  Nice site, good quality boats.
Werner Paddles  Werner offers a full line of high-quality whitewater paddles including bentshafts.

Kayak Retailers
Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe  Alder Creek has stores in Portland and Bend and has long been a mainstay for Oregon Paddlers. Their website is has a lot of useful stuff on it, including classes and paddling tips.
Kayak Shed  John Hart's kayaking shop in the heart of Hood River. John is always full of beta on the gorge runs, and his shop is jam-packed with everything you'll need for a Northwest paddling trip. We go there every time we're in Hood River.
Outdoorplay Kayaks  Located a stone's throw away from some great class V boating, my friends at Outdoorplay run one of the best kayaking shops you'll find. Check out their online store; good deals, prompt shipping, NO SALES TAX, and a professional staff make buying online easy!
Next Adventure Bryan and Deek's Next Adventure is a Northwest classic, a great kayaking / everything for the outdoors store. You gotta go there if you are in Portland.. These guys rock.